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Vintage Sanyo Stereo System

This is a Vintage Sanyo stereo system cassette tape player receiver that was tested working, it renders a jxt-44 television set with a cassette tape drive, and is conjointly suspicious because of the jaggy paper dust cover. It is again worth noting that the speakers are bit jack-ía-jacked up and the sound is not that great, however, it is still a good buy for the price.

Best Vintage Sanyo Stereo System

The Sanyo gxt 848 u stereo system is an exceptional early 1990 s system that is currently $2000, it is an unrivaled test of time and is currently in a trade for a new vinyl system. The system presents an 848 u design that is an 8-track cassette deck and a cassette player with a sanyo-made deck that is a cd player with a sanyo-made deck, the system also presents a built-in sound-card and is able to play vinyl and cds. It as well able to play vinyl and cds through an input on the front of the system, the Vintage Sanyo dcx-560 system 560 stereo receiver is a first rate set for any audio enthusiast. This receiver features a dual cassette player, making it facile to add an extra copy of your music, the system also features a loudness switch, so you can have a system that is just right for your music needs. This is a Vintage Sanyo stereo system that includes an 4800 watt per channel speaker system and an 10-year warranty, it's in unequaled condition and gives a built-in speaker and it's practical for any music lover digging for a classic design and frosted glass covered music system. This Sanyo stereo system is a nice addition to your home and splendid for your music needs, this system includes a variety of features including an 16-bit digital audio processor, a master volume control, a mic input, and a sound card input. The system is likewise equipped with a speaker and a built-in speaker for creating6-channel sound, this system is capable of playing music of any quality and features a built-in microphone, a built-in speaker, and a built-in sound card.